Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tis a little sissy life

After last weeks bit of discourse revisited, I thought this week I'd talk more around  being the kind of sissy gurl I am cos a lot of the memes and tropes don't quite work even if some truth needless to say is in them.

I am very much the little, not having the sorts of roles that an 'adult' sissy would have, even if may be of service undertaking some chores, helping out while you enjoy that lack of status I have finding things for me to do or dealing with me I'm feeling a bit naughty with a firm hand.
What I'd wear really would be something quite young'n'cute with next to no adult sophistication implied something a bit like this, making the most of my figure or may be a t shirt and short cute shorts if I was playing on the floor with stuffies or colouring  away.
What I'd be wearing would be taking me away from maleness very much which I can't do while allowing my more feminine side out to reveal to set my sissy sense free while I'm diminished in status.

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